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Certified HBase Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


HBase Introduction
  • History
  • Need for Non-relational Databases
  • Components
  • Requirements and installing on linux
  • Standalone and distributed modes
  • Configuring and deploying
  • Cluster install and configure
  • Put, get and delete method
  • Scans Technique
  • Filters class and types (comparison, dedicated and decorating)
  • Counter and coprocessor class implementation
  • HTablePool class and connection handling
  • Access by Avro, thrift and REST
  • Schema definition and HBaseAdmin
  • Task and node management in cluster
  • Data import and export
  • Cluster monitoring using metrics
  • Metrics usage in JMX, ganglia or nagios
  • Backup and Security
  • Basics
  • Classes
  • Compression
  • Splits and compaction optimizing techniques
  • Load testing, fault tolerance and load balancing

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