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Certified Hadoop and Mapreduce Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


  • History of Hadoop Project
  • Need and requirement for Hadoop
  • Components of Hadoop project
  • Basics (Blocks, Namenodes and Datanodes)
  • Interfaces and Data read and write process
  • HAR files and distcp
  • Command Line Interface
  • SequenceFile and MapFile, Checksumming, codecs and Writables
  • Basics and Configuration API
  • Combiner functions and streaming
  • Counters, sorting, joins and side data
  • Input formats (Text, binary, database, multiple)
  • Output formats (Text, binary, database, multiple)
  • Submission and initialization of job and task
  • JobTracker and TaskTracker classes
  • Scheduling, Shuffle and sort
  • Environment and side effects
  • Configuration API
  • Debugging and Optimizing
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Testing and benchmarking
  • dfsadmin, fsck and balancer
  • log4j logging, log levels, stack trace and metrics
  • Backup and filesystem checks
  • Add and removal of nodes
  • Installation, Local and hadoop mode
  • Grunt, script and embedded execution
  • Pig Latin
  • UDF and data processing operator
  • Need and evolution
  • Installation
  • Clients
  • Installation
  • Group membership and management
  • Znodes
  • API, triggers and ACL
  • States, consistency and sessions
  • Implementation

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