Certified Grid Computing Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


  • Evolution and generations
  • Need and benefits
  • Grid types
  • Technical terms
Distributed Computing
  • Internet Computing, peer-to-peer
  • Grid architectures and middleware
  • Computing on demand
  • DHT and DRMS
Enterprise Computing
  • Grid integration
  • Open grid services and WSRF
  • Computational economy and GRACE
Service Oriented Architecture
  • SOA basics
  • Design considerations
  • Development for the grid
Web Services
  • Web Services characteristics and architecture
  • Web Services protocols (WSDL, UDDI) concepts
  • Grid Services (WSRF, OGSI) concepts
Open Grid Services Architecture
  • OGSA Model and interfaces
  • OGSA basic services
  • Handles, references and notifications
  • Globus toolkit and OGSA
P2P Management
  • Characteristics
  • Data location and routing algorithms
  • Benefits and shortcomings
  • Scheduler role, features and selection
  • Scheduling algorithms and architecture
  • Common schedulers (OpenPB, Maui, Condor-G)
  • Workflow management systems
  • Workflow specification languages
Globus Toolkit
  • Concepts and architecture
  • Hosting environments
Grid Security
  • Certificate basics (X.509, PKI)
  • Java certificate services
  • Globus toolkit security libraries
Resource Management
  • Resource management models (AO, market, hierarchical)
  • Web services GRAM architecture
  • Network and memory management
Data Management
  • GridFTP
  • Multiple protocol usage
Web Service Resource Framework
  • WSRF basics and OSGI
  • Normative specifications
  • GT4 and WSRF
Message Passing Standards
  • MPI and MPI 2.0
  • MPICH2
  • Cluster application
  • HA and load balancing cluster
  • HPC clusters
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