Certified Grid Computing Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Understanding the different generations, need and benefits of grids
  • Describing the different types of grids
  • Explaining various technical terminologies used in grid computing
Distributed Computing
  • Illustrating the various distributed computing models like internet computing, peer-to-peer, etc.
  • Detailing the different grid architectures and middleware used in grid computing
  • Explaining the concept of computing on demand, distributed hash table (DHT) and distributed resource management system (DRMS)
Enterprise Computing
  • Understanding the integration of grid in an enterprise
  • Describing the concept and application of open grid services and web services resource framework (WSRF) in enterprise grid
  • Explaining the impact of grids on economy and overview of GRACE research project
Service Oriented Architecture
  • Illustrating the concepts of SOA
  • Detailing the design considerations and development in SOA for the grid
Web Services
  • Describing the characteristics and architecture of web services
  • Detailing the different WSDL and UDDI web Services protocols
  • Understanding the concepts of grid services frameworks like WSRF and OGSI
Open Grid Services Architecture
  • Explaining the OGSA model and the interfaces offered
  • Illustrating the basic services offered by OGSA
  • Understanding the basics of handles, references and notifications in OGSA
  • Describing the relationship and usage of Globus toolkit with OGSA
P2P Management
  • Detailing the various characteristics of peer-to-peer systems
  • Illustrating the data location and routing algorithms used b napster, kazaa, etc.
  • Explaining the different benefits and shortcomings of p2p systems
  • Understanding the role, features and selection criteria of scheduler
  • Describing the various scheduling algorithms and architecture used in grids
  • Explaining the common schedulers like OpenPB, Maui, Condor-G used in grid computing environments
  • Illustrating the various workflow management systems like Karajan, triana, etc.
  • Detailing the different workflow specification languages used in grids like XLANG, GSFL, WSFL, etc.
Globus Toolkit
  • Understanding the concepts and architecture of open source globus toolkit (GT)
  • Explaining the various hosting environments for GT deployment
Grid Security
  • Describing the basics of security certificate like X.509 and PKI for implementing security in grid environment.
  • Illustrating security implementation by Java certificate services and globus toolkit security libraries
Resource Management
  • Detailing the various resource management models like AO, market, hierarchical, etc.
  • Explaining the web services GRAM architecture for resource management in GT
  • Illustrating the various network and memory management techniques
Data Management
  • Understanding file transfer using GridFTP and applying multiple protocols
Web Service Resource Framework
  • Explaining the concepts of WSRF and interlinking with OSGI
  • Describing the various normative specifications of WSRF
  • Illustrating interlinking of GT4 and WSRF for stateful services
Message Passing Standards
  • Detailing the various message passing protocols like MPI, MPI 2.0 and MPICH2
  • Explaining the usage of grids as cluster and their applications
  • Describing the concepts of high-availability, load balancing and high performing computing clusters
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