Certified Financial Services Marketing Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Understanding service products, consumers and markets

  • Explaining the basics concept of service marketing
  • Illustrating consumer behavior in context of services and methods for positioning services in competitive markets

Elements of service marketing

  • Describing the process of creation of a service product and designing communication mix for it.
  • Understanding the techniques of pricing and revenue management
  • Elucidating the basics of distributing services

Managing the service delivery process

  • Describing in detail the designing and managing service processes
  • Explaining the techniques for balancing demand and capacity for managing the service process
  • Detailing the steps for planning the service environment and managing people for service advantage

Implementing service marketing

  • Understanding the relevance of managing relationships and building loyalty
  • Describing the importance of consumer feedback and service recovery
  • Detailing techniques for improving service quality and productivity
  • Explaining the process to organize for service leadership

Role of Financial Institutions and Services

Financial Management Models & Their Application in Financial Institutions

Evaluating Risks & Returns of Assets & Liabilities of Financial Institutions

Flow of Fund Analysis of the Borrowing lending behavior, interest rates analysis, interest rates, Yield curve, risk & inflation

Financial Management of Commercial Banks

Development Banks

Financial Planning & Financial Institutions

International Aspects of Financial Institutions


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