Sample Questions


1.  The role of a freight forwarder can include all of the following except

  • A. pre-shipping counseling
  • B. production of the shipping documents
  • C. negotiation of payment terms
  • D. handling of credit transactions between banks


2. The use of the most-favored-nation (MFN) principle [or normal trade relations (NTR)] is an attempt to attain __________ toward competing suppliers of imports to a country. Hence, the arrangement whereby developed countries permit duty-free entry on some goods coming from developing countries but levy tariffs on the same goods if coming from other developed countries is __________ the MFN [or NTR] principle.

  • A. Discrimination; a departure from
  • B. Discrimination; an example of
  • C. Nondiscrimination; a departure from
  • D. Nondiscrimination; an example of


3.  Which is the apex body of various exporters and export promotion organizations in India?

  • A. Trade fair authority of India
  • B. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
  • C. Federation of Indian Exporters Organization
  • D. Director General of Commercial Intelligence and statistics


4. The term 'counter-trade' is used to illustrate the situation whereby which of the following economic exchanges occurs between countries?

  • A. Direct exchange of goods for other goods instead of cash.
  • B. Direct and indirect exchange of goods for other goods instead of cash.
  • C.  Contra-purchase.
  • D. Indirect exchange of goods for other goods instead of cash


5.  The endorsement of "Allowed to export under claim for excise rebate" on the ARE-1 form is made by the ________

  • A. DGFT
  • B. First Mate
  • C. Deck Sergeant
  • D. Range supritendent


1 (C)

2 (C)

3 (C)

4 (B)

5 (D)

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