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Certified Excel 2003 Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources

1 Creating Data and Content

  • Enter and edit cell content
  • Navigate to specific cell content
  • Locate, select, and insert supporting information
  • Insert, position, and size graphics

2 Analyzing Data

  • Filter lists using AutoFilter
  • Sort lists
  • Insert and modify formulas
  • Use statistical, date and time, financial, and logical functions
  • Create, modify, and position diagrams and charts based on worksheet data

3 Formatting Data and Content

  • Apply and modify cell formats
  • Apply and modify cell styles
  • Modify row and column formats
  • Format worksheets

4 Collaborating

  • Insert, view, and edit comments

5 Managing Workbooks

  • Create new workbooks from templates
  • Insert, delete, and move cells
  • Create and modify hyperlinks
  • Organize worksheets
  • Preview data in other views
  • Customize Window layout
  • Setup pages for printing
  • Print data
  • Organize workbooks using file folders
  • Save data in appropriate formats for different uses

6 Organizing and Analyzing Data

  • Use subtotals
  • Define and apply advanced filters
  • Group and outline data
  • Use data validation
  • Create and modify list ranges
  • Add, show, close, edit, merge, and summarize scenarios
  • Perform data analysis using automated tools
  • Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports
  • Use Lookup and Reference functions
  • Use Database functions
  • Trace formula precedents, dependents, and errors
  • Locate invalid data and formulas
  • Watch and evaluate formulas
  • Define, modify, and use named ranges
  • Structure workbooks using XML

7 Formatting Data and Content

  • Create and modify custom data formats
  • Use conditional formatting
  • Format and resize graphics
  • Format charts and diagrams

8 Collaborating

  • Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks
  • Apply workbook security settings
  • Share workbooks
  • Merge workbooks
  • Track, accept, and reject changes to workbooks

9 Managing Data and Workbooks

  • Import data to Excel
  • Export data from Excel
  • Publish and edit Web worksheets and workbooks
  • Create and edit templates
  • Consolidate data
  • Define and modify workbook properties

10 Customizing Excel

  • Customize toolbars and menus
  • Create, edit, and run macros
  • Modify Excel default settings

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