Certified Enterprise Applications Integration specialist (With Biztalk Server) Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What is the default mapping for Auto Mapping?

  1.   The default mapping for Auto Mapping is is mapping by structure.
  2.   This can be changed to by node name in the map properties
  3.   It follows easy to route messages in reliable messaging
  4.   It generates a defined schema for all messages

2. What does Orchestration define?

  1.   Loops and behavior of message
  2.   Logic that controls a business process workflow.
  3.   Send port configuration
  4.   Receive port configuration

3. When many business processes run at the same time,

  1.   Memory and performance are compromised.
  2.   Biztalk halts some orchestrations automatically
  3.   There is no impact on overall system performance as BizTalk runs scheduler process to handle such instances
  4.   All of the above

4. After an orchestration instance has been dehydrated

  1. It can be rehydrated on any of the servers.
  2. On the same server it was executing earlier
  3. Only A
  4. Both A and B

5. When working with Schemas, Maps, Pipelines, and Orchestrations how should the projects be structured?

  1. Schemas and Maps in its own project.
  2. Schemas and Maps together in its own project.
  3. Orchestrations in its own project.
  4. All of the above



1 (A)

2 (B)

3 (A)

4 (A)

5 (B)

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