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Slide animation

Slide Management
It involves creating, deleting a slide and various other activities as

Create a New Slide
To create a new slide

  • Choose the slide after which a new slide has to be inserted.
  • Click on Insert menu > New Slide or click the New Slide button “New Slide” on the Standard toolbar. In all views except Outline View, the New Slide dialog box appears.
  • Select a layout and then click OK, in the Choose an Auto Layout list.

Changing the layout of the slide

  • Select the slide to be changed, in Slide View.
  • Select Slide Layout from the Format menu.

Delete a Slide
For deleting a slide, perform the following steps

  • Select the slide or slides to be deleted from the Slide Sorter View.
  • From the Edit menu, select Delete Slide or press Delete key.

Rehearse a Slide Show
Rehearse New Timings can be used to set or change the timings.

Changing the Order of the Slides
It is done by

  • Drag the slide icon to the new location, in Outline View.
  • Drag the selected slide to the new location, in Slide Sorter View.

Editing the Slide Master
A change made to the slide master affects all the slides in the presentation. The Slide Master holds the layout and format settings.

Working of a Slide Show
The slide show can have a few more settings apart from the default ones in a slide show, the slides fill the screen and all the screen elements like menus and tools are hidden.

For setting up a Slide Show

  • From the Slide Show menu, select Set up Show. A Set up Show dialog box appears as shown in the dialog box as under.
  • Select all to show all slides in the presentation or select from and then enter a slide range.
  • In the Show Type options, select as appropriate.
  • Click OK.

For setting Slide Timings
Separate timings can be set for all the slides in the presentation. Slides are displayed for the length of time set for it.

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