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Printing & Formatting

Formatting Cells

Formatting can be done in MS-Excel by

  • Formatting with auto format
  • Copying format with the format painter button
  • Format from Toolbar

Various options on formatting toolbar are

  • Merge and Center
  • Currency Button
  • Percentage Button
  • Comma Button
  • Indent Buttons
  • Border Buttons
  • Fill Color  
  • Font Color

Various horizontal alignments are

  • General
  • Left (Indent)
  • Center
  • Right (Indent)
  • Fill
  • Justify
  • Center Across Selection
  • Distributed (Indent)


The Vertical alignment options are

  • Wrap Text
  • Shrink to Fit
  • Merge Cells
  • Orientation

Conditional Formatting
MS-Excel provides the feature of Conditional Formatting used to apply format to selected cells based on predefined conditions.

Excel gives you several ways to print a worksheet

  • Select File, Print.
  • Press Ctrl+P.
  • Click the Print button on the Standard toolbar.

It offers various options as

  • Printing Single Worksheet
  • Printing a Range
  • Printing a Selection
  • Printing the Entire Workbook
  • Set Print Area
  • Printing Column and Row Headings
  • Fitting Your Worksheet to a Number of Pages
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