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MS-Excel Interface and Moving in a worksheet

Worksheet Interface
MS-EXCEL Window Elements
Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet package that is widely used for financial purposes. The workspace called the workbook is divided into a number of sheets called the worksheet.  It has following parts

  • Menu Bar
  • Status Bar
  • Row and Row Number
  • Column and Column Number
  • Cell
  • Cell Address
  • Workbooks   
  • Worksheets   
  • Work Sheet tabs

Moving around a worksheet
To move between cells on a worksheet, click any cell or use the arrow keys. When we move to a cell, it becomes the active cell. To see a different area of the sheet, use the scroll bars.


To scroll

Do this

One row up or down

Click the arrows in the vertical scroll bar.

One column left or right

Click the arrows in the horizontal scroll bar.

One window up or down

Click above or below the scroll box in the vertical scroll bar.

One window left or right

Click to left or right of scroll box in the horizontal scroll bar.

A large distance

Drag the scroll box to the approximate relative position. In a very large worksheet, hold down SHIFT while dragging