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E-Tender and Web

E Tendering is a process of carrying out entire Tendering Cycle Online including submission of Price Bid such that Efficiency, Economy, Speed of Internet can be harnessed.
E Tendering Cycle can be broken in Key Modules
1) Tender Notice Creation
2) Tender Promotion
3) Tender Document
4) Pre Bid Meeting
5) Bid Submission
6) Payment Gateway
7) Tender Storage & Opening
8) Tender Evaluation
9) Negotiation
10) Tender Award
11) Vendor Registration & Rating
12) Tender Audit & Storage

Benefits of Tendering Authority

  • Completely Automated Process
  • Shortens Procurement Cycle
  • Economical and Environment Friendly  
  • Greater Transparency  
  • Improvement in work culture in the departments
  • System aided Evaluation process
  • On the fly reports/comparatives statement
  • Minimize Human errors
  • Minimal Storage Spaces
  • Change in Perception – Progressive Organization
  • Lesser hassle of communication and administration
Benefits to Suppliers/Contractors
  • Anytime & Anywhere Bidding
  • Fair, Free and Fearless participation for vendors.    
  • No dependence on Newspaper, Courier, Banks,…
  • Zero Administrative hassles
  • Can carry out all activities from any computer
  • Economical – saving on Traveling cost
  • Reduces efforts & cost of bidding
  • No tenders can be missed because of distance
  • Can submit bid on last minute

Manual Vs E Tendering System   
Manual Tendering System
•Longer Procurement Cycle
•Paper Based Procurement
•Restricted Mobility
•No work on Holidays
•Prone to Human errors
•Content not sharable
•Physical Security
•Wastage of space to store bids
•Not retrievable
•Ideal till 2003
E - Tendering System
•Shorter Procurement Cycle
•Economical – Fixed Cost
•Environmentally Friendly
•Anytime – Anywhere Bidding
•Bidding possible on Holidays
•Automated & Accurate process
•Shareable Content
•Foolproof Security
•Lifelong storage on CD
•One click access to bids
•For year 2004 & Beyond
Government Guidelines
Project Administration Instructions, ADB- November 2005
Executing Agencies (EAs) may use electronic systems to conduct procurement on ADB- financed contracts where the procedures involved meet acceptable standards. A guide has been prepared in co-operation with the World Bank and Inter- American Development Bank
For E Commerce Activities – IT ACT 2000
Any document which is digitally signed, by digital certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Agency (CA) who is approved by Controller of Certifying Agency (CCA) will be considered as a valid document in the court of law.
For E Procurement – CVC Guidelines
E Procurement is allowed as per the guidelines of CVC order no. 46/9/03 provided the E Procurement is done in a fair and transparent fashion & IT Act 2000 is complied
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