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E-governance for Public utilities

Various e-governance projects for automating public utilities have been indertaken in India as -


Bangalore One- a Citizen Friendly Government Services of Karnataka    
The days of standing in a queue for anything & everything from applying for a passport or purchasing movie tickets to paying electricity bills and telephone bills seem to be heading towards oblivion.
One-stop services to citizen- Integrated Citizen Services    
Integrated Citizen Service Centers as many are aware are one-stop centers where varied Government services are made available,thus,doing away with the need for the citizen to travel to different locations interacting with different Government departments.
VAT Soft: VAT processing system    
VAT soft gives advantage of increase in the tax collection and improve the tax administration at Commercial Tax Offices under the constraint of human resources. Secondly it will mitigate the hardship to the tax payers when they are dealing with the VAT offices.
Nemmadi Telecenter Project of Karnataka    
Nemmadi aims to deliver citizen centric services to people across state. Services like issueing of varios certificates, reservations are made available under single-window concept. It is a Cost effective, speedy and efficient interface between Government and Citizens.
Bhoomi - Karnataka    
The Bhoomi, Online Delivery of land records in Karnataka demonstrates the benefit of making Government records more open to citizens.

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