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Prior  to  2006  when  the  Government  of  India  formally  launched  its  National e-Governance  Plan  (NeGP),  some
Departments of Government of India as well as State Governments had initiated steps to adopt e-Governance. In this context it would be useful to highlight some of the important e-Governance initiatives implemented by the Union and State Governments in the last 10 to 15 years.  These initiatives are discussed under the following categories:

  • Government to citizen (G2 c)
  • Government to business (G2b)
  • Government to Government (G2G)

Government to Citizen (G2C) Initiatives
It focusses is on extending the reach of governance to have a major impact on the people at large. Some of these are described.

  • Computerisation of Land Records
  • Bhoomi  Project in Karnataka : Online Delivery of Land Records
  • Gyandoot  (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Lokvani    Project in Uttar Pradesh
  • Project FRIENDS in Kerala
  • e-Mitra Project in Rajasthan
  • e Seva  (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Revenue  Administration  through  computerized  Energy  (RA cE) billing  Project, bihar
  • Admission to Professional colleges –  common Entrance Test (cET)

Government to Business (G2B) Initiatives
It encompass  all  activities  of  government  which  impinge  upon  business organizations. The examples are

  • e-Procurement Project in Andhra Pradesh
  • e-Procurement in Gujarat
  • MCA 21

Government to Government (G2G) Initiatives

They are within the government system there is large scale processing of information and decision making and examples are

  • Khajane Project in Karnataka
  • SmartGov (Andhra Pradesh)
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