Certified DTP Operator Course Outline

Course Outline


Computer Basics
  • Explaining computer characteristics and various types of computers
  • Detailing various devices of a computer system for input, output memory and storage
  • Understanding ports for data communication and printers for hard copy generation
  • Describing the various Windows XP features and components
  • Understanding windows explorer for file management
  • Illustrating the installation and troubleshooting of hardware and software
  • Detailing the need and procedure for sharing information.
Word Processing
  • Describing the MS-Word Interface and technique for editing document
  • Understanding the process to print and format documents
  • Explaining advanced features of MS-WORD as find, replace, thesaurus and graphics
  • Detailing the usage of tables & charts in a document of MS-Word
Web Technology
  • Illustrating the different terms used in web as Hypertext, URL, Domain Name, etc.
  • Understanding the usage of web browser and the role of internet service provider
  • Detailing the process to upload and download files from internet
  • Describing the role of web page and using HTML and MS Front page for making web pages
Introduction to Printing
  • Describing the various types of printing like offset, lithography, etc.
  • Understanding the hardware and software required for DTP operations
DTP Basics
  • Explaining the raster and vector graphics and their impact on DTP
  • Detailing different types and parts of fonts as serif, sans-serif, font pitch, etc.
  • Describing the various font formatting options indent, hyphenate, etc.
Publishing Elements
  • Illustrating the concept and application of half tone images in DTP
  • Explaining the basics and techniques for using spot and process colors
Coreldraw 10
  • Describing various components and interface of CorelDraw as toolbar, guideline, etc.
  • Explaining the steps to create, open and save files in CorelDraw
  • Understanding the usage of cartesian coordinates and the property bar
  • Detailing the various options and utility of page and document setup
  • Describing the concept and application of artistic text and object arrangement
Photoshop 7
  • Explaining various components and interface of Photoshop as tools, bars, etc.
  • Illustrating the process to create, open and save files in Photoshop
  • Describing the concept and usage of layers in Photoshop
  • Detailing the application of color picker and work path
  • Understanding different filters in Photoshop used for image manipulation
PageMaker 7
  • Describing various components and interface of PageMaker as toolbar, ruler, etc.
  • Explaining the steps to create, open and save files in PageMaker
  • Understanding various formatting options for text and usage of text blocks
  • Illustrating different options for formatting the page and paragraph
  • Detailing the story editor, styles and master pages feature of Photoshop

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