Certified Dreamweaver CS5 Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Explaining the evolution of dreamweaver as web development tool
  • Understanding the various components of dreamweaver window like object panel, property inspector, etc.
Text and Formatting
  • Describing the process of adding text, special characters and space I a web page
  • Illustrating application of various text styling options like bold, italic, color, etc.
  • Detailing the usage of paragraph formatting like indent and align
  • Understanding the method to insert list in a web page
  • Explaining the different type of list like ordered, definition, etc.
  • Illustrating links and their types like relative and absolute
  • Describing the concept and implementation of named anchor
  • Detailing the implementation of navigation bar, navigation menu, submenus and rollover buttons
  • Explaining the various image formats used for web
  • Describing the steps to add images and customizing size and other image properties
  • Detailing application of background images, image maps and rollover images
  • Illustrating the different audio and video formats for web
  • Understanding techniques to insert audio, video, flash and java applets in web page
HTML Table
  • Describing the process to add and format table in a web page
  • Explaining the steps for modifying table, cell, row and column properties
  • Illustrating the technique to merge and split cells
  • Understanding the concepts and elements of an web form
  • Detailing the various form controls and usage of label and fieldset tags
  • Explaining the usage of dreamweaver’s spry controls and validation
Page Layout
  • Illustrating the web page layouts and their types
  • Understanding the usage of div and span tags
  • Explaining the concepts and usage of float layout and absolute positioning
  • Describing the conceptual framework of spry in dreamweaver
  • Detailing implementation of tabbed panels, accordions and spry tooltips
  • Understanding the basic concepts and terminologies of CSS like property, value, etc.
  • Explaining the usage of CSS styles on elements of a web page
  • Describing the usage of CSS for text and list formatting
  • Describing the process to create and edit templates in dreamweaver
  • Detailing the concept of editable region and their usage
Advanced Topics
  • Explaining the concept and application of dreamweaver behaviors and events
  • Understanding site management by dreamweaver for site updates and asset management
  • Detailing reusability and manageability by usage of dreamweaver’s snippets and libraries

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