Certified Django Developer Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Introduction to Django
  • Web Framework
  • MVC
  • Django evolution
Getting Started
  • Installation
  • Database setup
  • Project components and setup
The Basics of Dynamic Web Pages
  • Dynamic content
  • URLconfs and view mapping
  • Django request handling process
  • URL patterns and Errors
The Django Template System
  • Template system basics
  • Using template system
  • Template tags and filters
  • Template in views and loading
Interacting with a Database: Models
  • The MTV pattern
  • Database Configuration
  • Model Definition and installation
  • Data and schema access and management
The Django Administration Site
  • Accessing and using the admin interface
  • Customizing the admin interface
Form Processing
  • Form creation and processing
  • Validation Rules
  • Customizing layout and formatting
  • Forms from Models
Advanced Views and URLconfs
  • Function Imports and multiple view prefixes
  • Named Groups
  • Extra Options to views
  • Default View arguments
  • Including other URLconfs
Generic Views
  • Generic Views
  • Extending Generic views
Extending the Template Engine
  • RequestContext and Context Processors
  • Extending Templates
  • Custom Template Filters and Loaders
Generating Non-HTML Content
  • Views and MIME-types
  • Generate CSV and PDF
  • RSS and Sitemap
Sessions, Users, and Registration
  • Cookies
  • Session Framework
  • Users and Authentication
  • Permissions, Groups, Messages, and Profiles
  • Cache Setup
  • Cache API
  • Vary and Cache headers
Other Contributed Subframeworks
  • The Django Standard Library
  • Sites Framework
  • Flatpages and Redirects
  • CSRF Protection
  • Installation
  • Methods
  • Built-in Middleware
Integrating with Legacy Databases and Applications
  • Using inspectdb
  • Specifying Authentication Back-ends
  • Integrating with Legacy Web Applications
Extending Django's Admin Interface
  • Customizing Admin Templates
  • Custom Admin Views
  • Standard Translation Functions
  • Creating Language Files
  • Django Language Preference
  • Translations in JavaScript
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Email Header Injection
  • Directory Traversal
  • Exposed Error Messages
Deploying Django
  • Basic Configuration
  • Multiple Django Installations
  • Scaling, Load Balancing and Redundancy
  • Performance Tuning
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