Certified DHTML and JavaScript Developer Table of Contents

Table of Content


  • Internet and WWW
  • Protocols
  • HTML
HTML Formatting
  • Text Formatting tags (b, i, u, tt, etc.)
  • Element Alignment
HTML Links and Lists
  • Hyperlinks and Named anchors
  • Lists and types (ordered, defined, etc.)
HTML Table
  • Table basics and structure
  • Table, tr, td and th tags
  • Table Cellpadding and Cellspacing
  • Colspan and Rowspan Attributes
  • Nested Tables
HTML Frame
  • Frameset, noframe and frame tag
  • Frame based content menu
  • Nesting Framesets and inline frames
  • Forms Basics
  • Form Controls (input, text, radio, button, etc.)
  • Form Processing and formatting
Image and Multimedia in HTML
  • Image, Audio and video formats
  • img tag
  • Image as links and image maps
  • Multimedia plug-ins and flash
  • embed and object tags
  • Technologies
  • Advantages and disadvantages
CSS Basics
  • CSS Components (value, property, etc.)
  • Syntax and Rules
CSS Selectors
  • Selectors (class, ID, universal, etc.)
  • Advanced Selectors (pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, etc.)
CSS Cascade
  • CSS Specificity
  • Specificity Hierarchy
  • !important Usage
  • Language constructs (Variables, objects, etc.)
  • Object Hierarchy and predefined objects
  • Functions, arguments and function object
  • Predefined JavaScript functions
JavaScript Statements and Operators
  • JavaScript Operators (comparison, arithmetic, string, etc.)
  • Conditionals and loop statements
JavaScript Events
  • Event Objects and handlers
  • Capture and release events
JavaScript Arrays and Strings
  • Arrays object and methods
  • String object, methods and regular expression

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