Certified DHTML and JavaScript Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Understanding the concepts of internet and World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Describing the various protocols on internet like HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.
  • Explaining the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
HTML Formatting Tags
  • Detailing the various text formatting tags like b, i, u, tt, etc.
  • Illustrating the alignment tags and options for aligning any element in HTML page
HTML Links and Lists
  • Understanding hyperlinks and named anchors for creating links in HTML page
  • Explaining the tags and options for adding lists and types in HTML page
HTML Table
  • Describing the basics of a table and structure in a web page
  • Detailing the usage of table, tr, td and th tags
  • Understanding the usage of table cellpadding and cellspacing for cells in a table
  • Explaining the colspan and rowspan attributes in a table
  • Illustrating the implementation of nested tables
HTML Frame
  • Explaining the frameset, noframe and frame tag for frames in a web page
  • Understanding the implementation of frame based content menu
  • Describing the process for nesting framesets and inline frames
  • Illustrating the basic concepts of forms in a web page
  • Describing the various form controls like input, text, radio, button, etc.
  • Explaining the steps in form processing and options to format forms
Image and Multimedia in HTML
  • Illustrating the various file formats on web for image, audio and video
  • Explaining the usage of img tag for adding images and using embed and object tags for adding audio and video file playback to a webpage
  • Understanding the process to use image as links and image maps for multiple links on a single image.
  • Detailing the usage of plug-ins and flash for multimedia playback
  • Understanding various technologies used in DHTML
  • Describing the advantages and disadvantages of using DHTML
CSS Basics
  • Explaining the various components of CSS rule like value, property, etc.
  • Understanding the syntax and rules for correct usage of CSS
CSS Selectors
  • Describing the various selectors (class, ID, universal, etc.) and advanced Selectors (pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, etc.) used in CSS for element(s) access
CSS Cascade
  • Understanding the specificity in CSS and specificity hierarchy for style application to different element(s) in a web page
  • Detailing the usage of !important for specific style application
  • Describing the various JavaScript language constructs like variables, objects, etc.
  • Understanding the object hierarchy and predefined objects in JavaScript
  • Explaining functions, function arguments and function object of JavaScript language
  • Illustrating the various predefined JavaScript functions
JavaScript Statements and Operators
  • Detailing the various JavaScript operators like comparison, arithmetic, string, etc.
  • Describing the conditionals and loop statements used in JavaScript language
JavaScript Events
  • Understanding the concept of event objects and handlers
  • Explaining the capture and release events in JavaScript language
JavaScript Arrays and Strings
  • Describing the concept and application of arrays object and methods
  • Detailing the string object, methods and regular expression in JavaScript language

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