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Viewing Options

Various Document Views
Word includes several views that are used for different purposes. We can change views using the View menu commands or by clicking on the icons in the left horizontal scroll bar at bottom of window.

  • Normal Layout
  • Print Layout
  • Web page layout
  • Outline layout
  • Reading layout

Optional Components
They are the components of MS-Word document which can be shown or hidden as per need of the user. They include-

  • Task Pane
  • Ruler
  • Toolbar

Headers and Footers
Headers are positioned at the top margin and footers at the bottom margin of each page in the current section of a document. We can have alternating headers and footers in a document and other options are

  • Different First Page Header and Footer
  • Different Odd and Even Header and Footer
  • Different Headers and Footers on Different Pages


It allows users to view and navigate pages of the document in thumbnail.

Zooming a document is provided by this feature.  

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