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Input,Output and Storage Devices

Input Devices

Various input devices are :

Keyboard - Similar to a typewriter keyboard, it is an input device.

Mouse - Mouse is a pointing device used to position the pointer.

Scanners - Convert any image or document into electronic image by shining light onto it like bar code reader, optical character Recognition, optical Mark Reader and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR).


Output Devices
Various output devices are -

Monitor - It is similar to television with CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), LED & LCD technologies .


Printers - Printers are used for producing the hard copy output on paper and are of type

Dot Matrix Printer Prints dots onto the page.

Ink jet Printer uses nozzles which spray ink onto the paper.

Laser Printer - They fuses ink to the paper by heat.

Plotters - Plotters plots drawings on to the sheets like engineering drawings, etc.


Storage Devices - It is an important unit of computer and is of types primary and secondary memory.

Primary Storage Devices - They consists of cache, processor register ROM & RAM.
Secondary Storage Devices - They consists of magnetic tape, disk drives (like hard disk drive, etc.), flash memory

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