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Editing data

Editing data
It involves various operations on data as

Redo and Undo
These tasks are used to undo or again repeat the recent operations.

Cut Copy and paste data
All these operations are similar to MS-Word 2003 where instead of text, we cut, copy and paste cells instead of paragraph or text. When a cell is cut or copied, a highlighted dash line surrounds it.

Clipboard Task Pane
The handy Clipboard task pane holds copied selections.

Drag It and Drop
The drag-and-drop technique is a fast, easy way to copy or move data in the visible viewing area.

Cell Paste Special
In edit menu this option provides the facility to paste all, formula, formats or values, which have been copied or cut.

Merge Cells
Cells in Excel can be merged so that they span on more than one row and column.
Inserting cells

Various types of insertion are done in MS-Excel as

  • Insert blank cells
  • Insert rows
  • Insert columns
  • Insert moved or copied cells between existing cells

Delete cells, rows, or columns

Deletion involves following steps have to be taken

  • Select the cells, rows, or columns you want to delete.
  • On the Edit menu, click Delete.
  • Surrounding cells shift to fill the space.

Clearing cells

This process requires following steps  

  • Select the cells, rows, or columns we want to clear.
  • On the Edit menu, point to Clear, and then click All, Contents, Formats, or Comments.

Find, Replace and go to
Unlike MS-Word, Ms-EXCEL has different dialog boxes for go to and a combined for find and replace.

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