Certified Content Writer Table of Contents


1. Understanding the Lines Within Guidebook for a successful career through Content Writing

1.1 Introduction

2. Painting Cyber With Words The ingenious work of thoughtful minds and dexterous hands

2.1 Content Writers- In the Bigger Sense

3. A Step Ahead Make Yourself Indispensable By Diversifying

3.1 Important Annotations

4. Know Your Content When The Wordy Tide Gushes In

4.1 DIY of Becoming A Content Writer

4.2 Types of Contents Available In the Industry

4.3 Be Ready For The Question And Answer

5. Know Yourself. Am I The Chosen One?! Gift of Gab is All about Techniques Learnt

5.1 What do you need?

6. Psst! Newcomers! Some Cool Tips… Time To Know Your Trade. Welcome To The Bandwagon

6.1 Essential Models

6.2 Writing Tips

7. You are a Content Writer- Now What? Undergo a Self-Discovery Trip to Know More

7.1 Job Avenues in Industry

8. Conclusion

8.1 How a Content writer is different from a writer’s stereotype.


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