Certified Content Writer Course Outline


Understanding the Lines Within Guidebook for a successful career through Content Writing

  • Explaining the basics of content writing and building a successful career

Painting Cyber With Words The ingenious work of thoughtful minds and dexterous hands

  • Understanding the holistic view of cyber world and crucial role of content writing

A Step Ahead Make Yourself Indispensable By Diversifying

  • Elucidating the need and technique for important annotations

Know Your Content When The Wordy Tide Gushes In

  • Describing the steps for being a content writer
  • Detailing the different content types
  • Explaining the crucial need to answer relevant questions

Know Yourself. Am I The Chosen One?! Gift of Gab is All about Techniques Learnt

  • Understanding self inclination and skills to excel

Psst! Newcomers! Some Cool Tips… Time To Know Your Trade. Welcome To The Bandwagon

  • Describing the basic writing models for content writing
  • Enlisting tips  for content writing

You are a Content Writer- Now What? Undergo a Self-Discovery Trip to Know More

  • Detailing the various job opening for a content writer


Explaining the features due to which a Content writer is different from a writer’s stereotype.


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