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Word Tools

Various word tools are

Spell and Grammar Check
It is the spell check facility of MS-Word.

The thesaurus is a reference tool that provides synonyms, antonyms and related words for a selected word or phrase.

Word Count
It is used to count words and lines in a document.

It automatically inserts proper capitalization at the beginning of sentences and in names of days of the week.

AutoText and AutoComplete
The auto text feature includes entries, such as commonly used phrases. AutoText feature.
The AutoComplete ScreenTip suggests text after typing few characters.

Hyphenating document
We can use the hyphenation feature to give our documents a polished and professional look as it helps eliminate gaps or "rivers of white" in justified text.

Macros is a series of computer instructions recorded and saved with a specific name to be used when needed.

Protecting Documents
In order to protect a document containing confidential information, hold a password to maintain privacy against opening or editing the document.

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