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MS-Excel has many tools to ease working, which are

Spell Check
Excel's spelling checker works similarly to spelling checkers in word processors. The following are three ways to check spelling

  • Click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar.
  • Click the Tools menu and click Spelling.
  • Press F7.

Workbook Sharing
In the Tools menu, Shared Workbook selection lets you set up options for sharing workbooks on a network.

What If Analysis
What if analysis is a technique used to evaluate the effects of changing selected factors in a worksheet.

Scenario Manager
Excel's Scenario Manager feature enables you to analyze your data to see how changing one or more values in the worksheet affects the other cells in the worksheet.

Goal Seek
The Goal seek tool is to find the value needed in one cell to attain a result we want in another cell.

Protecting a Workbook
A confidential workbook can be protected from unauthorized access. Giving a password to open or giving write reservation password for making it read-only can restrict access.

A macro is a handy tool to automatic repetitive task. MS-Excel provides options for creating, recording a macro and assigning shortcut key to a macro.

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