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Move an image

Examples of moving handles

Moving handles for different types of graphics:
Callout 1 An image "from file."
Callout 2 The drawing canvas with a drawing on it.

As with resizing, the same basic principle applies to moving most types of graphics: You select the image, and then drag it into position.

Unlike resizing, there are some minor variations, depending on the type of graphic:

  • For images on the drawing canvas, you can move both the drawing canvas and the image. Position the pointer over the image or over the border of the drawing canvas (if the drawing canvas isn't visible, click the image and it will appear). When the four-headed arrow Pointer image appears, you can drag the image or the drawing canvas.
  • For images not on the drawing canvas, the four-headed arrow does not appear. However, as soon as you begin to drag the image, a small box Pointer and move box appears next to the pointer and a special insertion point appears on the same line of text as the pointer to help guide your positioning. This is especially helpful if you're positioning an image near or inside text, as you'll see in the following section.
  • For diagrams (including organization charts), you need to select the diagram, and then position the pointer over the its border. When the four-headed arrow Pointer image appears, you can drag the diagram.
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