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Types of images you can insert From File


A document with pictures.
Callout 1 A picture created with Microsoft Paint.
Callout 2 A piece of clip art.
Callout 3 A photograph.

Imagine that you're creating a casual memo to distribute to your coworkers. Maybe you want to insert your company logo, a scanned photograph from your last vacation, or even just a fun piece of clip art to support a point and create interest. Images like these are created independently of your document, and they live on your hard disk, a company server, or on the World Wide Web. Some examples of these file types are bitmaps (.bmp), JPEGs (.jpg), GIF files (.gif), Windows Metafiles (.wmf), TIFF files (.tif), Enhanced Metafiles (.emf), and Portable Network Graphics files (.png).

For the purposes of this lesson, it's not critical to know much more about the technicalities of each file type. The main thing to remember is that when you insert a clip art image, an image "from file," or an image "from scanner or camera," you'll likely be inserting an image in one of these formats.

Later lessons will cover the details of inserting and positioning images. In the meantime, read on to learn more about what Word calls "drawing objects."

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