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More about drawing objects

Examples of drawing objects in a document


A document with drawings.
Callout 1 An AutoShape.
Callout 2 A diagram.
Callout 3 An organization chart.

You're working on that same memo and decide that you want to add a diagram, an organization chart, or maybe even just a simple shape.

In Word, you can create all of these types of graphics from within your document. These types of graphics are called drawing objects, or drawings, and they differ from pictures in a couple of key ways:

  • Drawing objects do not exist independently of the document; they aren't separate files with separate file extensions. Rather, you generate them as you're working in your document, and when you save the document, the drawing objects are folded into the document's file format.
  • Drawing objects don't look like photographic images; they usually have a flat, two-dimensional appearance.

Inserting a drawing object also begins by clicking Picture on the Insert menu. Types of drawings include AutoShapes, diagrams, organization charts, curves, lines, and WordArt.

You can use the Drawing toolbar to insert some drawing objects, but mainly you'll use it to change a drawing once it's inserted. The toolbar appears automatically when you insert a drawing; you can also display it by pointing to Toolbars on the View menu, and then clicking Drawing.

That's really all you need to know about drawing objects for now; the next lesson will cover details about inserting and positioning them in your document.

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