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Mail Merge

Mail Merge
It allows the user to generate bulk of personalized correspondence quickly and conveniently by merging information from two different files. It has

Date Source: This document contains information that varies in each version, such as the names and addresses of each recipient of a form letter.

Main Document: This document contains text and other items which you want to be identical with each version of the merged document.

Procedure for Mail Merge
The user must ensure to type the text to be included in every form letter and leaving blank space for the text to be inserted from the Data Source.
Following steps are undertaken to implement the Mail Merge feature in the document-

  • Select the Tools menu from the Standard Toolbar
  • Choose the Letters and Mailing option from the list
  • Mail Merge task pane will appear on screen.
  • Click on Letter option and then choose Next Starting document at the foot of the task pane. A new dialog box will pop-up as below
  • Select Next Select recipients at the foot of the Task pane. Dialog box as under will appear,
  • You can either use an existing list by browsing a document from the selected data source.
  • Consequently a new window will appear which displays the entire recipient name you can customize the any fields like add, remove, edit, find etc.
  • Lastly click on Ok button.
  • Mail Merge toolbar will emerge in the main document window.
  • Click on Write to letters, Place the point of insertion where the Merge Fields are to be appeared.
  • Click the Insert Merge Field button on the Mail Merge toolbar to insert merge fields into the main document. Spaces and punctuation marks can also be inserted between merge fields, just as you would in any address. Note that, the merge field can be inserted more than once in the main document.
  • Click the Merge to New Document button on the Mail Merge toolbar and store letters in a new document.
  • In order to merge the record to all recipient Select All and click on Ok button, or Select Current record, for merge the record to a single recipient Or Select From To options, Like Not to all (Exam - 2 to 6 or 3 to 7).
  • To print the resulting form letters click the   Merge to Printer button on the Mail Merge toolbar.

Types of Mail Merge

  • Table Mail Merge with Word Table
  • Conditional Mail Merge
  • Filter and Sort
  • Mail Merge via Ms Query
  • Envelopes
  • Labels
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