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Editing Text
Text editing enables you to delete, move, and copy or paste text in your document. The Clipboard is a piece of memory to store temporarily anything which is copied or cut and multiple items can be held.

Copy, Cut and Pasting
To copy to the clipboard, select it then click the Edit menu and choose Copy, or simply press Ctrl + C together.
To cut use Ctrl + X together  and for pasting the data, either select edit menu and choose the Paste option, or together press Ctrl + V.

Text can also be moved by drag and drop by

  • Turn on drag-and-drop editing by On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Edit tab.
  • Select or clear the Drag-and-drop text editing check box.
  • Select the item we want to move or copy.
  • If we want to move the item, drag the selection to the location we want, else if we want to copy the item, hold down CTRL as we drag the selection.

Office Clipboard
Clipboard manager is a special tool that records everything that you copy to the clipboard. It remembers 24 last copied items. It is shown by

  • Hold down the Ctrl key and press C twice – the task pane will open and the clipboard will be displayed
  • From the Task pane, select Clipboard from the drop down menu
  • From the Edit menu, select Office Clipboard
  • From the Options menu on the Clipboard Task pane, select Show Office Clipboard Automatically and deselect Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard – when you copy more than one item, the Clipboard will appear.

Deleting Text

The easiest way to remove text is with the help of Backspace or Delete keys.

Undo and Redo Text
Any recent change made to the document can be undone either by the undo button on standard toolbar or by pressing “Control + Z” keyboard shortcut. Similarly to repeat a recent action click on redo button or by using “Control + Y” key combination.

Insert Mode
In insert mode new characters are inserted into the existing text by moving the existing text to the right to make space for the new characters.

Finding and Replacing Text
To find and replace text first type the text that has to be replaced in the first text box then type the below this is another text box, here type the text which will replace the text in the above box. Shortcut for find is “Control + F” and for replace is “Control+H”


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