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Diagrams and organization charts

The Diagram command on the Insert menu, and an example of a pyramid diagram inserted from the Diagram Gallery dialog box


Fig. 1 Inserting a diagram.
Fig. 2 Example of a diagram.

Word offers a variety of diagrams, including organization charts and Cycle, Radial, Pyramid, Venn, and Target diagrams. Just click Diagram on the Insert menu and the Diagram Gallery appears with descriptions of each of the diagrams. Double-click the one you want to insert.

When you insert an organization chart, the Organization Chart toolbar appears to help you add content and set options. For all other diagrams, you use the Diagram toolbar, which also appears automatically.

In addition to organization charts and diagrams, you can insert data charts by clicking Chart on the Picture submenu. When you do, a sample chart and datasheet are inserted into your document. You enter your data into the datasheet to revise the chart.

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