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Data Operations

Data Operations

Database Management
It refers to managing of data in a database i.e. adding, removing, updating, sorting data in a database. It offers the facility to sort the database by

  • Using one sort column
  • Using two, three or more sort column

Database management also provides following options in MS-EXCEL

  • Adding a record
  • Deleting a record
  • Filter and multiple filter

Filter and multiple filter
Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a list. A filtered list displays only the rows that meet the criteria specified for a column.

Automatic filter options



Display all rows


Display all rows that fall within the upper or lower

limits you specify, either by item or percentage

Top 10

Apply two criteria values within the current column,

or use comparison operators other than AND (the default operator)


Display only rows that contain a blank cell in the column


Display only rows that contain a value in the column


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