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Creating and using multiple worksheets and linking workbooks

Creating and using multiple worksheets and linking workbooks

Grouping worksheets to enter common data, formatting and formulas
Worksheets can be grouped by selecting all of them and then applying the changes of formatting and thus, it will be applied to all the worksheets of the workbook.

Inserting and formatting a Summary Worksheet
When data is in list form, Microsoft Excel can create an outline to let you hide or show levels of detail with a single mouse click. An outline lets you quickly display only the rows or columns that provide summaries or headings for sections of your worksheet, or display the areas of detail data adjacent to a summary row or column.

Ways to outline data
Excel outlines the worksheet by

  • Outlining a worksheet automatically
  • Outlining a worksheet manually

Creating Linking Formulas
If you are linking to a new workbook, save the new workbook before creating the link.  

Printing multiple worksheets
If the worksheet has a defined print area, Microsoft Excel will print only the print area.

Linking Workbooks
It can be done by creating hyperlinks.