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Create a floating graphic

The Layout tab in the Format Picture dialog box.

Change text-wrapping options on the Layout tab.

You can change a graphic from inline (acting as a text character) to floating by changing the text-wrapping style; any wrapping style other than In line with text will create a floating graphic.

First, position the graphic where you want it. Then you can fine-tune its position within the surrounding text:

  1. Right-click the image, and then click the appropriate Format command, such as Format Picture or Format AutoShape (the specific command on the shortcut menu will vary depending on the type of graphic).
  2. On the Layout tab, use the Wrapping style options to specify how the image and text work around each other.
  3. With a floating graphic, you can also specify the Horizontal alignment.

As you'll see in this lesson's practice, a floating graphic (unless it's a diagram or organization chart) takes on the same selection and resize handles that an AutoShape does, including the green rotation handle at the top.

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