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Clip art

Insert Clip Art task pane, and clip art inserted into a document


Fig. 1 Search for clip art in the Clip Art task pane.
Fig. 2 Example of clip art.

The days of photocopying printed clip art from a book and then painstakingly cutting, positioning, and photocopying are long over.

With a gallery of electronic clip art images, Word makes it a lot easier to place graphical accents such as drawings and photographs directly in your document.

Here are the basics: Click in the document where you want to insert the clip art. Then open the Clip Art task pane (Insert menu, Picture submenu). Use simple keywords to search for the subject matter you want, and then choose from the resulting images (you'll get a chance to practice at the end of the lesson).

You can refine your search to look for particular types and sources of images using the Search in and Results should be boxes.

Note that the image you insert is embedded in your document, which means that its file size is added to the overall file size of your document.

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