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Applications of Computer

Computers are used widely. Their applications are in almost every sphere where computations are required. Some of the prominent areas of computer applications are:

In Tourism: Hotels use computers to speed up billing and checkout the availability of rooms as by railways and airline reservations.

In Design : Designers and architects can analyze, design, prototype and display their scale models on a computer and study them from various angles and perspectives. Structural problems can now be solved quickly and accurately.

In Banks: Terminals are provided in the branch and the main computer is located centrally for balance,deposits, overdrafts, interest charges, etc. MICR encoded cheques are read and sorted by computers. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) allows funds transfer quickly.

In Industry: Usage in factories and industries of all kinds have increased for computerized process control like  drills, saws and entire assembly lines are computerized. Quality control tests and the manufacturing of products is also done by computers. Thermal Power Plants, Oil refineries and chemical industries fully depend on computerized control systems.

In Transportation: Today computers are responsible for aircraft landing by a variety of sensors. Metro and buses also employ computers for their better functioning.

In Education: Computers offer enormous information by internet and wikipedia. Computer based instructions (CBI) and Computer Aided Learning (CAL) are tools used for teaching. Computer based encyclopedia such as Britannica provide you enormous amount of information on anything.

In Entertainment: Many computer games are available like the traditional games like chess, football, cricket, etc. and 3-D fully immersive and gesture fedback based games as given by Microsoft Kinect.

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