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About pictures and drawings

Pictures and drawing objects on the Picture submenu


Callout 1 The top three commands on the submenu are for pictures, which exist independent of your document.
Callout 2 The lower five commands are for drawing objects, which you generate from within Word.

There are two basic types of graphics that you can use to enhance your documents.

Pictures are graphics that were created elsewhere and that you bring into your document. For example, you might have used a scanner or digital camera to create an image, or procured some electronic clip art. These are at the top of the Picture submenu.

Drawing objects, which this course will sometimes refer to simply as drawings, are graphics that you generate from within Word, as opposed to creating them elsewhere and bringing them into your document. Examples are AutoShapes, drawings that you create from scratch using the New Drawing command, diagrams, curves, lines, and other shapes.

The type of graphic you choose to insert is limited only by your purpose and your preference.

  • Some types of graphics, such as clip art, have a two-dimensional or drawn effect that can look attractive as a logo, border, or accent.
  • A photographic image might be preferable in some instances.
  • Diagrams and organization charts can convey critical information in a business or academic document.
  • WordArt creates high-impact text. (WordArt is not covered in this course.)

Once you get beyond the Picture submenu, the way you insert and manipulate different types of graphics may vary slightly, depending on whether it's a drawing or a picture, as well as other graphic-specific attributes. Specifics will be covered in later lessons.

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