Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Explains the components of wages
  • Explains the objectives of compensation
  • Explains principles of compensation formulation taking into account the determinants of wage rates
  • Explains the theories and principle of compensation determination
  • Illustrates different types of wages such as minimum rate of wages, need-based minimum wage, living wage and fair wage
  • Explains the significance of employee compensation
  • Explains the behavioral and ethical issues faced in an organisation
  • Explains the procedure and practices involved in wage determination
  • Illustrates the compensation decisions involved in management such as job analysis, description, identifying job factors, job evaluation and pay determination
  • Illustrates the procedure of compensation benchmarking compensation benchmarking involving planning, analysis, integration and action phase
  • Explains the salient features of employee compensation in India
  • Explains the components of employee reward system and compensation practices in India
Economic Theories
  • Economic theories in compensation management
  • Explains the procedure of Employee compensation valuation
  • Describes ESOPs and procedure of pricing
  • Explains the role of Labour Markets and Trade Unions
Job design
  • Explains the process of designing a job
  • Explains the procedure and steps involved in job analysis and job description
  • Describes the process involved in job evaluation and assessment
  • Describes the tools used in work measurement in an organisation
  • Explains the importance of management and ergonomics
Performance-based compensation
  • Explains the functioning of Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Describes the objectives and indicator of performance measurement
  • Describes the procedure of developing performance standards in an organisation
  • Describes different techniques of performance modeling
  • Explains the dimensions and scales of performance evaluation
  • Explains the concept and working of Competency-based pay
Team-based compensation
  • Explains the operations and techniques involved in employee evaluation system
  • Explains the concept of group incentive plans
  • Describes the gain-sharing plan
  • Explains the procedure of designing team-based compensation
  • Describes the issue in rewarding teams
Executive Compensation
  • Explains the theories and practices involved in executive compensation
  • Describes the components of executive compensation
  • Explains the factors affecting executive compensation and the criteria involved in executive compensation
  • Explains the various techniques of performance measurement
Employee Motivation and benefits
  • Explains the theory of employee motivation and morale boosting
  • Explains the objectives of employee motivation
  • Explains different types of employee benefits
  • Statutory employee benefits in India
  • Describes the various employee benefits alternatives
  • Describes the various non-monetary employee benefits
  • Explains the deferred compensation plan
Sales Compensation
  • Explains the concept of sales functions
  • Describes the sales compensation plan design procedure and issues encountered
  • Explains the procedure of sales compensation design and administration
  • Describes different types of sales incentives and motivation plans
Legal issues
  • Compensation and Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Describes the various tax implications
  • Describes the process of wage fixation and legal interpretation
Quantitative Tools for Compensation Management
  • Explains the variable compensation plans and defines its constitution
  • Described the retirement plans and its structure
  • Explains the concept of payroll management system and their functioning
  • Explains the procedure of determining incentives and employee benefits
  • Describes the methods of group incentive payments
  • Explains the concept of Economic Value Added (EVA)
  • Describes the procedure of quantitative analysis for performance measurement
International Compensation Management
  • Explains the different approaches to international compensation
  • Describes the various components of international compensation
  • Describes the procedure of designing international compensation plans
  • Explains the concept of variation
  • Describes the issues encountered in designing international compensation plans
  • Explains the various repatriation issues
Employees Provident Fund
  • Explains Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Basics
  • Describes EPF Features
  • Describes EPF Forms
  • Explains UAN
  • Describes EPF Calculation and example
  • Explains the Online EPF Submission
  • Explains the EPFO Claim Status
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