Certified Commercial Banker Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Trends in Banking

  • Global Trends
  • Domestic Trends
  • Dichotomous Approach in the Banking System
  • Holistic Overview
  • Autonomy in the Banking System
  • Asset Quality
  • Currency Convertibility
  • Off-shore Banking System

Evolution of Commercial Banking System

  • Different Financial Systems
  • Money Lending System in Ancient India

Banking Systems

  • Introduction
  • Type of Banking Systems
  • Universal Banking System

Functions of a Commercial Bank

  • Nature of Commercial Bank
  • Characteristics of Commercial Bank
  • Intermediation
  • Payment and Settlement System
  • Financial Services

Scheduled Commercial Bank

  • Analysis of Assets and Liabilities
  • Capital Adequacy and Risk adjusted Requirement
  • Risk Weighted Approach
  • Inter Bank Borrowing
  • CRR and SLR
  • Types of Deposits
  • Ownership of Deposits
  • Investments in Government and other Securities
  • Loans and Advances
  • NPA Resolution
  • Micro Prudential Norms
  • CBSR 1998
  • Credit Repression

Banking System and Performance Measurement

  • Internal Performance

Capital Management

  • Introduction to Bank Capital
  • Long Term Debt and Loss Reserves
  • Capital Deficiency Correction
  • Recapitalization

Commercial Banking Risk and uncertainties

  • Risk and Transformation Services
  • Internationalization of Banking System
  • RBI Guidelines for Risk Management

Derivatives for Risk Management

  • Nature and Type of Derivatives
  • Risk Regulation

Liquidity Risk Management

  • Introduction
  • Measuring Liquidity
  • Liquidity Management

Credit Risk

  • Nature of Credit Risk
  • Selection and Limitation
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Bank Lending Services
  • Syndicated Loan
  • Direct and Export Credit
  • Leasing

Interest Rate Risks (IRR)

  • Net Interest Income
  • Future, Option and Swaps
  • Forward Rate Swaps and Interest Rate Swaps

Investment Management

  • Portfolio Behavior of Commercial Banks
  • REPO and Reverse REPOs
  • Type of Government Securities
  • Yield Curve and Yield Measures
  • Bond Pricing and price volatility

Foreign Currency Dealing

  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Technology and Trading
  • Participants in Foreign Exchange Market
  • Foreign Exchange Rates and Exchange Quotations
  • Ready Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Points
  • Cross Points
  • Currency Arbitrage

Foreign Currency Risk

  • Hedging and Forward Contracts
  • Forward Premium and Discounts
  • Futures
  • Currency Swaps
  • Foreign Currency Options
  • Option Strategies
  • Cross Currency Option Trading in India

International Banking

  • Introduction
  • International Banking Regulation
  • International Banking Activities
  • Country Risk and Euromoney
  • Loan Syndication and Agreement Provisions
  • Euro Loan Syndication

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