Certified Cloud Computing Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content



  • Evolution of cloud and types
  • Cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, etc.)
  • Cloud Characteristics
Value Proposition
  • Cloud economics
  • Cost Matrix, SLA and ROI
  • Strategy development
  • Assessment
  • Capacity Planning and base-lining
  • Virtualization Technologies and hypervisors
  • Open source and other virtualization offerings
Vendor Offerings
  • Google Apps and app engine
  • Amazon Elastic compute, storage and database services
  • Salesforce Force platform
  • Windows Azure and windows live
Opensource Offerings
  • Opensource components and services
  • Ubuntu cloud, cloud foundry and openstack
Service Oriented Architecture
  • SOA Communications
  • Managing and Monitoring SOA
  • Integrating SOA and cloud computing
  • Deployment models (public, private, hybrid, etc.)
  • Data center and workload management
  • Provisioning and Scalability
  • Costing Models
  • Cloud Management products and emerging standards
Governance and Security
  • Threats and Security Risks
  • Identity Management
  • Applying policies
  • Data Collection and sharing
  • Legal and Regulatory Challenges
Cloud Applications
  • Web-mail
  • Productivity Applications
  • Mobile Web services
  • Cloud Storage


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