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Productivity Applications

The term productivity software is usually used as a category of applications dedicated to helping accomplish specific jobs such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, charts and graphs, create digital paintings, electronic music, make digital movies, etcetera. Usually the most common productivity applications are, in order of importance: word processing programs, that are used to create digital or printed text documents, immediately followed by spreadsheet applications that can be used to create charts of complex iterative calculations, and databases that are used to manage large amounts of data.

Productivity software could run on a computer directly (for example Commodore Plus/4 model of computer contained in ROM four applications of productivity software) or the software could run hosted into an operating system. Productivity software is one of the reasons people use computers.

Navigating the world of cloud productivity applications and resources for both business and personal use can be daunting. There is an increasing number of tools, systems and methods that make finding the right one for you a challenge.

Some best productive applications which are cloud based are

Wunderbook: Life Organized with Wunderkit     Wunderkit is an amazing application that can help ou manage everything about your life. It’s one place to track ideas and tasks across our work, home and personal life. Wunderbook: Life Organized with Wunderkit is the only eBook available that helps you get started with Wunderkit and shows you how to get the most out of what it can do. Learn how to manage your life in a whole new way and feel less stressed.
Cost: USD$9.95Learn More

Evernote     When it comes to keeping things safe, you can’t go past Evernote. Period. Evernote lets you store everything from small text notes through to photos, audio, video and any other document you can think of. Use Evernote to track your ideas, as a diary, instead of a filing cabinet (go paperless), record meetings, track todos… absolutely anything. Check out My Evernote Story to find out how I got started with Evernote. And, when you combine Evernote with the guides below, you’ll find no limit to what you can achieve with this one application.
Cost: Free and Paid editions. Premium (paid) edition is USD$45/yearLearn More

Wunderkit     Many task apps around are so complicated that you spend more time trying to manage your task list than actually getting them done. Wunderkit changes this. By presenting you with a very sexy design, and keeping your tasks simple, you can spend your day ticking them off!
Cost: Free and Paid editions. Pro edition is USD$4.99/monthLearn More

SugarCRM     There are many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems around and most of them do much the same thing. Where SugarCRM is different is that you have full control over the entire application – it’s Open Source. You can tailor the application to work exactly the way your business works. From personal experience, I’ve found that SugarCRM is probably the most user-friendly CRM around. Getting around, and managing data, reports and dashboards is super fast and easy. SugarCRM will appeal to the entire business – from sales, to services and IT.
Cost: Free and Paid editions from USD$360/user/yearLearn More

GoToMeeting     When it comes to collaboration tools, you can’t beat GoToMeeting. By combining voice, video and shared applications, you can hold meetings like never before, from anywhere in the world. Anyone can join your meeting too – only the meeting host needs a GoToMeeting account. Save time in your day by giving presentations over GoToMeeting and avoid lost time traveling. Conduct small training sessions, interactive demonstrations, and provide troubleshooting, all without leaving the comfort of your chair. Make sure the keep the attendees engaged by switching on HDFaces™ - high definition video conferencing, built in!
Cost: From USD$49/month (unlimited use)Learn More

Focus Booster     The Pomodoro Technique is a fantastic way to help you get things done. By breaking up your day into small chunks you battle the clock to achieve as much as possible before you’re forced to take a break. FocusBooster is the perfect companion to your task list. Pick a task, set the clock and GO. When the clock stops, tack a break and begin again!
Cost: FreeLearn More

Dropbox     Forget about carting around USB drives with a bunch of files, or even backing up your computer to an external hard drive. Get started with Dropbox. Your data, photos, videos, everything, will be safe and stored on your computer and in the Dropbox cloud. You can then easily get to any of your files from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. And, you can add files from anywhere in the world too, by uploading to the Dropbox web application.
Cost: Free for 2GB, USD$9.99/month for 100GB and other options available.

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