Certified Cloud Computing Professional Assessment



It is an process in which all key participants in a program or project agree on the detailed description of the objectives and performance requirements, and commit to execute it accordingly.

Purpose of assessment

Different authors give different lists but the following four categories seem sufficiently comprehensive

  • to demonstrate the outcomes of learning
  • to award or withhold qualifications/credit
  • to measure student performance
  • to encourage, guide and improve learning

Characteristics of assessment

Traditionally, those writing about assessment have stressed the importance of

  • reliability - that the assessment task can be applied consistently to all students undertaking it and that different markers will reach the same conclusions about the performance of a given group of students and
  • validity - the assessment task actually measures what it claims to measure.

In recent years, there has been a stronger focus on validity, including an emphasis on the need for assessment tasks to test the intended learning outcomes of the course of study.
Many writers add a third key characteristic, that of equity. This covers the way assessment is organised and administered as well as the fairness of the marking. For many in higher education today, equity also means using a broad range of assessment methods in recognition of the fact that students have diverse academic strengths and different approaches to learning.


Many cloud providers have put up cloud assessment tools like from


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