Certified CAD Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


  • AutoCAD Window
  • Commands and options
  • Drawing view adjust and layout
Drafting Tools
  • The coordinate system, digital T square and triangle
  • Using the grid mode and object alignment
  • Tracking points and temporary tracking point
2D Drawings
  • Drawing lines, circles, arcs, curves, polygons and revision clouds
  • Hatch patterns, solid fills and objects
  • Selection and editing
  • Grips, dynamic input and properties palette
  • Parametric tools and dimensional constraint
  • Object operations
  • Xrefs, blocks and polylines
3D Drawings
  • Solids, surfaces and mesh modeling
  • 3D forms from 2D shapes
  • Using layers
  • Layer visibility, locking and layers panel
Blocks, Groups, Designcenter and Text
  • Blocks and groups for ordering objects
  • External references, designcenter and tool palettes window
  • Text and scale
  • Text styles, single-line text object and tables
  • Dimension parts
  • Dimensioning in layout view and nonorthogonal objects
  • Linear dimensions, leader tool and tolerance notation
  • Area, distance and angle measurement
Layout and Printing
  • Print settings and storing
  • Plot styles and conversion from color to named plot styles

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