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Vskills certification for C++ Developer assesses the candidate as per the company’s need for proficiency in C++ programming language. The certification tests the candidates on various areas of C++ programming language like functions, control structures, inheritance, pointers, templates and exception handling.

Why should one take this certification?

This Course is intended for software developers and programmers wanting to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression.

Earning Vskills C++ Developer Certification can help candidate differentiate in today's competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?

Certifying candidate looking to find employment in IT or software development departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set and make their CV stronger and existing employees looking for a better role can prove their employers the value of their skills through this certification.

C++ Developer Table of Contents


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Companies that hire Vskills C++ Developer

C++ Developers are in great demand. Companies specializing in system or software development are constantly hiring skilled C++ developers. Various public and private companies also need C++ developers for their IT or software development departments.

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Table of Content

Object-Oriented Programming Basics

  • Computer and Software Basics
  • C++ Evolution
  • C++ Program Translation
  • OOP and Features
  • The Standard Library
  • C++ Applications

Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures

  • C++ Language
  • Development Environment
  • C++ Program Structure
  • C++ Token
  • C++ Trigraphs
  • C++ Whitespace
  • C++ Variable
  • C++ Operators
  • C++ Expressions
  • Decision Making Control Structures
  • if Statement
  • switch Statement
  • The ? : Operator
  • Loop Basics
  • while Loop
  • for Loop
  • do…while Loop
  • Nested Loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • continue Statement
  • The Infinite Loop


  • Function Basics
  • Function Declarations
  • Function Definition
  • Calling a Function
  • Function Arguments
  • Function Return Types
  • Function Local Variables


  • Structure Definition
  • Accessing Members
  • Structures and Function Arguments
  • Pointers and Structures
  • typedef
  • Aliases

Classes and Objects

  • Class Basics
  • C++ Class Definitions
  • Define C++ Objects
  • Accessing the Data Members
  • Access Control
  • Static Keyword
  • Member Functions
  • Member Functions Types
  • Namespace
  • Inline Functions

Constructors and Destructors

  • Constructor Basics
  • Constructor Types
  • Destructors


  • Inheritance Basics
  • Base & Derived Classes
  • Access Control and Inheritance
  • Type of Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritances
  • Multiple Base Classes
  • Virtual Base Classes
  • Order of Constructor Call
  • Upcasting
  • Abstract Classes

Overloading and Type Conversions

  • Operator Overloading
  • Subscripting
  • Constructor Overloading
  • Overloading Arithmetic Operator
  • Overloading I/O operator
  • Overloading Relational operator
  • Function Overloading
  • Virtual Functions
  • Abstract Class
  • Virtual Destructors
  • Type Conversions
  • User-Defined Type Conversions

Console I/O

  • I/O Library Header Files
  • cout
  • cin
  • cerr
  • clog

Pointers and Arrays

  • Array
  • Pointers
  • Function Pointers
  • this Pointer
  • References

Advanced OOP

  • Files I/O
  • Exception Handling
  • Templates
  • Standard Template Library
  • Containers
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation

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