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Certified Blackberry Apps Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Detailing the blackberry platform and it’s evolution
  • Explaining the process of code signing
  • Describing the various simulators and IDE needed for development
  • Illustrating the different project types and their elements
  • Explaining the foreground and background applications in blackberry apps
  • Describing the basics and usage of threads
User Interface
  • Explains the usage of common elements of user interface
  • Explains the development and customization of menus and dialogs
  • Methods of using different fonts, images and animation
  • Explains the steps for playing videos and transitions
  • Methods of handling clicks and touch events
  • Explaining keyboard events
  • Detailing context Menus
  • Detailing the FileConnection API
  • Explaining file system and persistence
  • Usage of SQLite and unified search
  • Detailing the MIDP framework for blackberry
  • Explaining the usage of networking and TCP/IP connection
  • Illustrating the steps for packaging of application
  • Describes the process of publishing of application
  • Detailing usage of location based service and GPS
  • Explaining device administration for blackberry smart phone

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