Certified BizTalk Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


Introduction & Installation
  • What is BizTalk and explaining business process management (BPM)
  • Installation of BizTalk server software illustrating Component and CAB file details and focusing on Windows XP installation
  • Minimum computer hardware needed for installation
  • Software environment required for installation
  • Steps in installing Visual studio for development.
  • Sequence of installation of Biz Talk server software
  • Configuring the BizTalk Server after installation
Architecture of BizTalk Software
  • Illustrating BizTalk framework
  • SOAP usage and BizTalk Server Message
  • Elucidating the flow of Biz Talk Message
  • Expounding the structure of BizTalk document
  • Explaining Delivery elements
  • Illustrating various elements (identity, to & from, reliability, receipt, identity, etc.)
BizTalk Adapter
  • What is BizTalk Adapter
  • Framework of BizTalk Adapter
  • Adapter instantiation
  • Assembly deployment method
  • Receiving Adapter involving initializing and receive adaptor operations
  • Illustrating sending adapter with blocking vs. non-blocking transmissions
  • Publish and subscribe
  • Orchestration deployment involving direct binding option
  • Explaining partner orchestration
  • Correlation in orchestration
  • Using Orchestration Designer
Enterprise Application Integration
  • Steps to create and configure the EAI solution using Visual Studio
  • Defining the business process through Visual Studio
  • Steps to create business process workflow
  • Message Instance Variable creation steps
  • Explaining procedure to add ports to the Orchestration
  • Build the EAI Orchestration project
Deploy the EAI Solution
  • Steps to Configure the EAI Solution
  • Steps to Start the EAI Solution

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