Router CLI and Difference with the Switch CLI

The CLI has different command modes, with specific commands available in each mode. The different command modes are:

  • User exec mode - Only a few commands are available in this mode. Commands like "ping", a few of the "show" commands
  • Privileged exec mode - All of the User exec commands plus all of the "show" and "debug" commands
  • Global config mode - Access to all of configuration commands and addition configuration modes
  • Specific sub configuration modes - interface configuration mode, router configuration mode, etc.

Router#configure terminal
Router#show running-config
Router#show startup-config
Router#show version
Router#show flash
Router#copy running-config startup config

Video Tutorials


Some CLI basics



Configure console and VTY ports for administrative access



Configure enable password, enable secret, service password-encryption, and banner motd



Backup a configuration file and IOS bin file to a TFTP server




Restore a configuration file from a TFTP Server




Restore a startup-config file from text file



Basic switch configurations including an interface VLAN1 IP address for telnet access