Comparing OSI and TCP or IP

The main differences between the two models are as follows:

  • TCP/IP Protocols are considered to be standards around which the internet has developed.  The OSI model however is a "generic, protocol- independent standard."
  • TCP/IP combines the presentation and session layer issues into its application layer.
  • TCP/IP combines the OSI data link and physical layers into the network access layer.
  • TCP/IP appears to be a more simpler model and this is mainly due to the fact that it has fewer layers.
  • TCP/IP is considered to be a more credible model- This is mainly due to the fact because TCP/IP protocols are the standards around which the internet was developed therefore it mainly gains creditability due to this reason.  Where as in contrast networks are not usually built around the OSI model as it is merely used as a guidance tool.
  • The OSI model consists of 7 architectural layers whereas the TCP/IP only has 4 layers.