Certified ASP.NET Programmer Course Outline

Course Outline


1. Introducing to ASP.Net & .Net Framework 3.5
  • Explanation of basics about Microsoft’s .NET 3.5 Framework and ASP.NET 3.5
  • ASP.NET Features explanation covering postback, web forms, web services, event handler, page and ASP .Net application lifecycle
  • JavaScript and Client-Side Code explanation
  • Basics of AJAX and ASP.NET AJAX
  • What is Dynamic HTML
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) and their advantages
  • Illustration of MVC and ADO.NET concept covering SQL Server and Internet Information Services
2. C# Language Basics
  • What is C# and its case sensitivity
  • Comments in C#
  • How to terminate statements in C#
  • C# Blocks
  • Variables, Data Types and Variable Operations in C#
  • Conditional Logic by the if Statement and the switch Statement
  • Loops in C# by the for, foreach and while Loop
3. Creating an Asp.net Website
  • Explanation of Visual Studio IDE and its components
  • Adding an ASP.NET control
  • Previewing a page in the browser
  • Adding controls to the VWDE Toolbox
4. Creating MyMoviesCollection Web Project
  • SQL basics and using a SQL Server Express Database
  • Adding a database to the project and a table to the database
  • Generating a Data-Driven Web Page
  • Previewing and reviewing the database-generated page
5. Managing Data and Other CRUD
  • What is CRUD?
  • Working with Smart Tags and Designers
  • Enhancing the GridView Control and sorting, editing, and deleting with GridView
  • Steps for formatting the date display
  • FormView Control basics
  • Steps for Adding a FormView control to the page
  • Steps to Change the FormView control’s templates
  • Using the FormView control to insert a row
  • Analyzing problems with the date input and validating it
  • Fixing the Page Title problem
  • Improving Performance with the AJAX Update Panel
6. Handling User Input and Events
  • Accepting user input in a TextBox Control by creating a regular text box
  • Accepting passwords (somewhat) securely
  • Capturing text with MultiLine mode
  • Getting rich text input
  • RadioButton Control usage
  • Grouping RadioButtonList Controls
  • Adding list items with a Collection editor
  • CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls usage in C#
  • For Each usage in the collection
  • Using the DropDownList Control
  • Understanding Namespaces
  • Displaying the color name and showing the color
  • Understanding ASP.NET Forms
7. Fetch and Present Data with SqlDataSource
  • Connecting to SQL Server Express and
  • Getting and adding to application, a copy of the Northwind database
  • Connecting to the database by using the SqlDataSource Control
  • Using command attributes in markup
  • Consuming Data with the DetailsView Control
  • Giving Parameters in Queries
  • Getting a parameter value from a TextBox control
  • Filling a drop-down list with data from a SqlDataSource
  • Changing the parameter source
  • Obtaining a parameter from a Session variable
  • Passing a parameter on a query string
  • Creating a Master/Detail Page
  • Designing the page layout
  • Fetching data for the master and the details
  • Configuring the GridView and DetailsView controls
8. Design ListView and Other Templated Controls
  • What are Templated Controls?
  • Explaining usage of Repeater
  • Customizing ListView Control
  • Getting the DataContext
  • Configuring the LinqDataSource
  • Setting up the ListView
  • Using ItemTemplate, EditItemTemplate, InsertItemTemplate, EmptyData Template and the ItemSeparatorTemplate
  • Making a horizontal list with flow
  • Using the DataPager with a ListView
9. Enhancing Pages with AJAX Control Toolkit
  • Basics of the AJAX Control Toolkit and how to automatically Complete data As the User Types
  • Creating Web service for data lookup and its page
  • Using TextBoxWatermarkExtender for enhancing a text box
  • Watermark styling
  • Custom input by Masked Text Box and
  • Using a masked input, masks and custom characters
  • Dates selection with a Calendar control
  • Always on Top Content positioning
  • Using a floating style
  • s generation by adding Panel controls
  • Utilizing the AlwaysVisibleControlExtender on a page
10. Site Security Using Authentication and Membership
  • Explaining the concept of Authentication
  • Site preparation for Membership and creating membership database
  • Steps to configure forms authentication
  • Creating and enabling roles of users and implementing registration and login
  • Using CreateUserWizard for creating the Registration page and Login page
  • How to creating the Password Recovery page and Change Password page
  • SMTP (Mail) settings Configuration
  • Providing a Login/Logout link
  • Building an Administration Area, Admin folder and a admin page and the membership List page
  • Applying Roles and Security on the application
  • What are access rules
  • Checking the role-based security and securing individual pages
11. Handling Exceptions
  • Basics of Exceptions and Their Messages
  • Global Error Handling and catching and e-mailing of exceptions
  • Using Try...Catch and Finally
  • Common Error Messages and their probable sources
  • Resolving errors like System.NullReferenceException, missing an assembly reference, and ‘Button1_Click’ is not a member of ‘ASP.default2_aspx’
12. Application Deployment
  • Steps to use the Copy Web Site Tool
  • How to Connect via FTP, the FrontPage extensions and the file system
  • Using the Copy Web tool
  • Steps to use the SQL Publishing Wizard
  • Creating a database script and remote database from a script
  • Steps to Copy a SQL Express Database
  • Error resolution in SQL Connection and how to gather Troubleshooting Info
  • Encrypting Connection Information
  • Tips for building application

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